FGSA Fusion Program

The official tournament team program of the Friendswood Girls Softball Association

The Fusion is a travel tournament softball program sponsored by the FGSA league.  The Fusion program is committed to the development of FGSA softball by providing an affordable tournament team option for league players. The Fusion program is intended to be a step above league ball, yet below the select/ A-ball level (our Eclipse program). The Fusion program is designed for players who wish to further advance their skills in tournament play. Fusion spring season runs parallel to the FGSA league spring season. This means commitment to a Fusion team will require an extra night of practice and participation in tournaments in addition to the FGSA spring league season. Fusion will not interfere with league events, all players will be committed to their league teams before Fusion activities.  As of the Fall season 2015 the Fusion Fall program is a separate team and players are not required to play on a league team during this season (they register for the league as a Fusion player).

The cost of participation for a player’s first Fusion season is $100.00 to join the program. This covers the player’s uniform package (uniform top, hoodie, and socks). Returning player cost is $50.00/season to play Fusion softball.  These fees are for the spring 2016 season and are in addition to spring league registration fees.  These fees cover Fusion equipment, softballs and field use.  Team managers will collect additional funds to cover tournament fees.  Uniforms are owned by the players.  Returning players needing to replace or get larger uniforms will do so at their expense.

Overview of the Program

  • To be eligible for Fusion a girl must be registered in FGSA league ball AND either have completed one spring season (in any softball league) prior to her evaluation OR be nominated by her league coach or a Fusion coach for the team. Coach nominations require approval from the league or Fusion commissioner.   League games take precedence over Fusion practices and games.
  • Fusion will host two seasons per calendar year, being the fall and spring seasons. At the beginning of each season, FGSA will announce the date for open practices. In order to participate in Fusion, a player must be evaluated by their age division Fusion coaching staff.
  • Open practice days are designed to provide players with feedback of their strengths and weaknesses and ratings of their current skill level. Fusion teams will be selected following the evaluation process.
  • Spring Fusion is a no cut program, this means all eligible players will be offered a spot on a fusion team (blue or green). That said, being on a team does not guarantee playing time.  Since no cuts will be made, there is also the potential for very large (15-18 player) Fusion teams.  Fusion managers will discuss each players role with their parents prior to ordering uniforms.  Any parent who is unsatisfied with their child’s role on that years Fusion team may withdraw their child from the team and receive a full refund PRIOR to uniform order.
  • Fall Fusion team rosters will be decided by the division managers and all unchosen players will have to opportunity to play league Fall Ball.
  • The number of teams and age levels of Fusion teams offered will be determined season-to-season and will be based on player interest and qualified coaching candidates.
  • Tournaments may be scheduled on back-to-back weekends and may require play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Fusion teams will try to participate in two tournaments per month will typically have weekly practices on Wednesday.
  • Players and Parents are required to read and sign a Fusion program commitment form to participate with their Fusion team. Players and parents are expected to follow all team and program rules outlined in the commitment form.
  • Players are assigned numbers and will play under that number for the duration of their time with the Fusion. Numbers are assigned by age division and will not allow for repeats between adjacent age divisions. This means some numbers will not be available to certain teams.