1.  What is USA Softball?

The USA Softball Association, formerly ASA, has many important responsibilities as the national governing body of softball in the United States, including regulating competition to insure fairness and equal opportunity to the millions of player who annually play the sport.

2. What age group should my daughter play in?

In the Spring and Fall girls are eligible to play based on their age on January 1st each year. So if your daughter is 9 years old on January 1st she would typically play 10u. In rare cases, very talented players may play up into the next age group provided that the commissioner for that league approves. Typically in the Fall season, girls will play the age division that they will be playing the next spring. This allows for them to get used to the changes in each level.

3. What equipment does my daughter need to play?

Players in all divisions will need a batting helmet with a mask and chin strap.

Cleats are highly recommended for all age groups.  Spikes are not allowed at FGSA.

4u/6u – A very light bat and a small glove (typically 10-11”).  A good starter bat for this level would be 26-27” long and weigh 15-17 oz.

8u – The bats get a little longer (typically 28-29”) and some parents choose to begin using composite bats.  We strongly recommend the use of fielding masks from 8u forward.  As of the fall 2014 season any player who plays 1st, 3rd or pitcher must wear a fielding mask in order to play those positions.

10u -12u – Gloves tend to get a bit larger (typically 10.5-12.5”) Typical bat size is 30” long with a 10 to 13 drop.  In English, the drop is the number of ounces less than the length that the bat weighs.  So a 30” drop 11 is a 19oz bat.  This is a very popular size for our 10u-12u players.  Players who play catcher will often purchase their own gear (face masks, chest protector and shin guards) but FGSA does provide gear for league play.

4. What is the difference between Spring Ball and Fall Ball?

Spring ball plays two games per week, typically on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s maybe used as rain out days.  Spring ball is more competitive and wins and losses are recorded to declare a winner in each division.

Fall ball games are scheduled two games every other Saturday except for 4u who play one game every other weekend.  Fall ball is more instructional in nature.  It is often used as a time to transition players into the next age division.

5. What requirements does FGSA have for me to coach?

Every head coach must have an ACE certification from the USA Softball Association.  Info about the ACE program is available at www.registerasa.org.  If you are getting certified you will need to choose Texas District 31.  All assistant coaches and dugout coaches/parents must have an ACE background check.