To provide a competitive learning environment for young ladies to learn and achieve all they are capable of in softball.  Through instruction, encouragement, team building and competition we hope to improve every team member’s knowledge, ability and enjoyment for the game of softball.

Coaching/Team Philosophy:

Instruction:  Through education and demonstration the girls are to be taught the advanced skills of softball.  At 14U it is expected that the girls know the basics of the game, hitting, catching, throwing and base running.    What we expect to show them is how improve these skills to a high school and collegiate level.  With effective repetition drills that teach game time scenarios the girls are expected to learn how to play as a team and that every player has a responsibility on every pitch.

Accountability:  With positive reinforcement and a system built on accountability, we expect improvement on and off the field.  We expect each girl to improve from day one by having a high goal based philosophy for both the individual and the team.  All players will work with coaches for individual expectations and understanding team expectations.

Competition:  Individuals improve when they have competition for what they desire to achieve.  Whether it is for a position, a game or a tournament, the higher the competition the better the person or team will become.  Each position will be evaluated, each player will be given a fair opportunity to play and the best team result will be encouraged regardless of preconceived expectations. As a coach, I want the team to win. If a player is not the best fit for the team to win in their position, they will be moved.

Fun, fun, fun:  Softball is first a game meant to be played for enjoyment.  If the girls are not having fun, it is difficult to be driven, be a part of the team, and be successful.


Team Expectations

Effort:  We will expect 100 percent at every practice & every game. If a player is not able to give %100, this needs to be communicated to the coaching staff so the necessary attention to the player can be given. If a player is hurt, we do not want to risk future injury. It is not worth it.

Attitude:  We expect our girls to be team players with the attitude of doing whatever it is best for the team.  No player will be put before the team.  Every girl must play to the best of their ability, be willing to work hard at every practice and encourage their teammates on every play.

Parents:  We expect parents to encourage all the girls on the team, not just their daughter(s).  We will not accept negativity.  Any parent displaying negative comments or attitude will be addressed by the coaching staff.  We expect parents to be devoted to the team, communicate effectively with the coaches and attend all team events.

Communication: We expect parents to be committed to practices, and games. IF, there is a situation that a player cannot make it, we need to know. Practice and game preparation are hugely affected by absentee players. Lack of communication will lead to a parent/coach discussion.