Age Divisions

FGSA Age Division Information:

In the Spring and Fall girls are eligible to play based on their age on January 1st each year. So if your daughter is 9 years old on January 1st she would typically play 10u. In rare cases, very talented players may play up into the next age group provided that the commissioner for that league approves. Typically in the Fall season, girls will play the age division that they will be playing the next spring. This allows for them to get used to the changes in each level.

4u – Players hit off a tee and will play about half the number of games as the rest of the league. They use a very soft ball that allows for learning.

6u – Players begin to hit coach pitched balls. The ball remains soft but is typically a bit harder than the one used in 4u.

8u – All coach pitch and the speed of the game gets faster. The ball remains soft but is typically a bit harder than the one used in 4u.

10u – The beginning of girl pitch softball. They will use an 11” hard ball and the pitching mound is at 35 feet. If there is more than one walk per inning the coach comes in to complete pitching for that at bat. The game becomes very dependent on pitching and catching. Typically pitchers at this level focus on throwing strikes and hitting spots (inside and outside) some advance pitchers may throw change ups and start putting motion on the ball. Players are typically allowed to steal only one base at a time and in many games are not allowed to steal home. During 10u the dropped third strike rule is introduced and played at certain times.

12u – The ball is changed to 12” and the pitcher’s mound is moved to 40 feet. Many pitchers at this level can throw balls with movement (drop, curveball). The better catchers in 12 u can make solid throws to 2nd base. Players are allowed to steal any base.

14u – The pitcher’s mound is moved back to 43 feet.